Registered Post Tracking

Enter registered post tracking number in the above form and press 'Track Registered Post' to check the status of your consignments. Our tracking system is absolutely secure as we don't store any data or tracking numbers with us.

About Registered Post

India post is the largest postal network in the world touching the lives of every citizen of India. It has two types of services. They are traditional services and premium services. Here, a traditional service means non taxable and premium services means taxable. Registered Post or Registration is a traditional service. It makes the transmission to article more secure, as it passes through the hands from the consignee to recipient under special precautions. It is best traditional service that transmits the goods which shall not contain prohibited items and shall be handed to the recipient.

registered post tracking

Registration is established by the department of the Indian post office. This facility by the postal department is considered as leader in the industry for last twenty years, which is considered to be the fastest way to deliver across the globe. It is just like similar to ordinary post. But it has some extra features, those are it is safe, secure and delivered to the exact person. And also require the signature of the recipient at the time of delivery. When taking the parcel, the recipient should submit the proof of his identity. The status of the package can be checked through register post tracking tool via online.

Registered parcel price is high, when compared to normal and speed post. This is generally used by public institutions, government jobs, university applications, government exam applications, private business communications, media, philatelists and also used in bank services like credit cards, debit cards and others. In these all communications the recipient signature and proof of identity is required. Normally, it takes to deliver 2 to 7 days.

Registered Post Tracking Status of Consignment

Here we will know how to track the status of the consignment booked via registered parcel through the official website.

  • First, visit the India post office website link.
  • In the unique id code specify the unique alphanumeric code given by the postal department for the individual speed mail service. This code is given for tracking purpose.
  • It is not case sensitive, that means it can be used either in capital or small letters.
  • Select the ‘GO’ button near the box where the code is entered.
  • The next page shows the current status of delivery status of the specified consignment.
  • This data is available in India post office website only for three months after that it is automatically deleted.

Advantages of Registered Post

Before booking a mail by registered parcel at post office, please read carefully the following advantages or disadvantages.

  • It is addressee specific that means only the recipient will take the delivery.
  • Its delivery time is similar to ordinary post. But when compared to ordinary post, it is safe and secure maintained from source to destination.
  • The postal department maintains special records for this. And also maintain acknowledgment card, in which recipient needs sign at the time of delivery.
  • Its booking charges are high, when compare to speed Post and others.
  • It provides extra cover.
  • Reliability, Global coverage.
  • Provide services to the customers on value for money basis.
  • Normally the delivery time takes from 2 to 7 days.
  • If the recipient is not available then the post men tries 3 attempts, if still not available then the post returns to sender.
  • Online status check.
  • Online tracking system.
  • It is a service.


Registration is available in all departmental postal offices in India, it delivers across the different parts of the nation and globe. And we know the advantages of registered Post, if we want safe, secure and not very urgent then opt this, otherwise opt speed post for fast, reliable delivery. Finally, by entering the registered post tracking number in the above form or in the official website, you can find the status of the consignment.