India Post Tracking

Department of India Post is playing crucial role in both social and financial improvement of India, for over 150 years. It has wide network in India as well in world with almost 1.5 Lac post offices. Out of 100%, 89.87% post offices are located in rural areas. A single post office serves an area of 21.23 and population of 8086 people. These statistics are telling how best network it is in the world.

Indian Postal service touches the heart of every Indian citizen in the way of delivering posts, small savings accounts, deposit schemes, postal life insurance and rural life insurance. It also serves for both government and private organizations. Some of the government services are mahatma Gandhi National Rural Emplacement Guarantee Scheme wage disbursement and old age pensions. Visit the official site of India Post for more information. The departmental of post office provides mainly the following facilities:

  • Tracking.
  • Post office search.
  • Postage calculator.
  • Insurance premium calculator.
  • Interest calculator.
india post tracking

India Post Features and Services

  • Its goal is to make the products and everything as customer’s first choice.
  • Speed, reliability and on value for money basis.
  • It first aim is rural citizens of India for mails and financial services.
  • It serves for both government and public institutions. Also serves for media.
  • Responsive and reliable.
  • Honesty, transparency and professionalism.
  • Trust and mutual respect and reliable for all customers.
  • Interface between government and citizens.
  • Lodge a complaint against post office through online.

India Post Products

Department of postal service has two types of services. They are traditional services and premium services. Here, a traditional service means non taxable and premium services means taxable. The following are the products:

  • Speed Post.
  • Registered Post.
  • Express Parcel.
  • Media Post.
  • Greeting Post.
  • Logistics Post.
  • Letter.
  • Inland Letter Card.
  • Post Card.
  • Book parcel.
  • Registered Newspaper.
  • Blind Literature Pocket.
  • Parcel.
  • Registration.
  • Insurance.
  • Value Payable Post.

Brief discussion of some of the above mail products are:

Speed Post

It is a premium service and also market leader in India. It provides time and express delivery of articles and parcels. It almost shifted 4 Crore articles from the last 28 years. It can be booked in almost every post office of India and deliver to every corner of India.

The India Post office joined with Universal Postal Union and extended speed mail to worldwide. Now it almost serves in 99 foreign countries. Any important letter from source to destination, it will send fast, safe and reliable.

Registered Post

Registered post or Registration is a traditional service. Registration means traditional registration service for mailing goods which shall not contain prohibited items and shall be handed to the recipient. This facility by the postal department is considered as leader in the industry for last twenty years.

It is just like similar to ordinary post. But it has some extra features, those are it is safe, secure and delivered to the exact person. And also require the signature of the recipient at the time of delivery. When taking the parcel, the recipient should submit the proof of his identity. Registered Post price is high, when compared to normal and speed parcel. Normally, it takes to deliver 2 to 7 days. When compare with speed courier its delivery time is slow, but it is very safe.

Express Parcel

Express parcel is simply best service small business persons. This service is available will be available for both retail and corporate customers. This is an sir express parcel and very fast. Door to door service is also available. This can be at any post office in India.

Minimum weight for express parcel is 0.5 Kg and maximum weight is 20 Kg. if in any case the product is loss or damage, then the Indian post gives the compensation of one thousand rupees or actual value of the parcel.

Logistics Post

It is best for corporate customers, who looking for logistic solutions. It is cost effective and efficient distribution across the India. It manages everything from collection to distribution and from storage to carriage and also order preparation to order fulfillment at the lowest possible price.

India Post Tracking

By using the official website, the user can track the above mails very easily. Specially, speed post tracking, registered post tracking and others. These can be tracked just by entering the reference number in website and then click track button. Then the user gets the article exact position.

India Post Office Search

In the official website fill the state and district names or enter the pin code of the required post office and after that enter the character displayed in the below image then click search button. Then you will get the post offices list in the district, where you can find your exact post office.

Indian Postage Calculator

In this feature first click the domestic/international/miscellaneous button then fill the require fields, you will get the required postage charge. Using this the user can the postage tariff of Domestic Speed Post, Ordinary Letter, Registered Letter, Ordinary Parcel, Registered Parcel, Registered Book Packet, Registered Book Packet containing Printed Books, Ordinary Registered Book Packet, Ordinary Book Packet containing Printed Books, Book Packet containing Periodicals, Book Packet containing Registered news Papers, Domestic Speed mail Tariff depends on distance between place of origin and destination.

India Post Office Insurance

The department of postal service offers various types of Life Insurance Policies. These policies are providing through Postal Life Insurance and Rural Postal Life Insurance. To get insurance, just approach the nearest branch.

India Post Financial Services

The financial services offered by departmental of Postal service are given below.

  • Savings Bank Account.
  • Recurring Deposit Account.
  • Monthly Income Scheme.
  • Public Provident Fund.
  • Time Deposit.
  • Senior Citizen savings Scheme.
  • National savings Certificate.
  • Kisan Vikas Patra.
  • Sukanya Samriddhi Yojaana.
  • Mutual Funds.
  • Pradhan Mantri Jeevanjyoti Bima Yojna.
  • Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna.
  • Money Order, Instant Money Order.
  • Electronic Clearance Service.
  • IFS Money Order.
  • Mobile Money Transfer.

Before going to take any of the above financial services, kindly visit nearer branch and ask for details of eligibility and KYC norms. The India post offering many of the above services, so they are the largest network in world and their main aim to serve people with speed, reliable, trust and mutual respect.