Speed Post Tracking

Enter speed post tracking number in the above form and click 'Track Speed Post' button to check the status of your parcels. Our tracking system is absolutely secure as we don't store any data or tracking numbers with us.

India Post Tracking

Indian postal services are provided domestic and international services as well as money transfer services. It is booked in all postal departments that provide speed mail. As a customer, you can track the status of the India post tracking by the following methods.

  • Mail Tracking Number: First you need to search for the tracking number printed on the package booking receipt.
  • Online Track and Trace System: Enter the thirteen digit barcode that identifies speed post consignment number in the above speed post tracking form and Press the button, then the delivery status will appear here.
  • SMS based delivered status: You can also track through SMS service. To track the status of the article type ‘POST TRACK <13 digit article number>’ and send SMS to 166 or 51969.
  • Alternatively, you can find the consignment status by browse the official website, www.indiapost.gov.in. Go to India Post to get more information that will help you for selecting the best mail of your need.
speed post tracking

The main points to remember for SMS Tracking

  • All letters are capital only, because SMS is case sensitive. For, example ‘POST TRACK EE987654321IN’ and send to the numbers 166 or 51969.
  • The consignment status will be available up to 60 days, from the date of booking.
  • This service is provided by all mobile network operators in India.
  • Rates will be charged according to service provider.

Speed Package Tracking Formats

When tracking the consignment status, please enter the correct number format, for track your package. The different types of India post tracking number formats are given below.

Service TypeFormatNo. of Digits
Domestic EMS Speed PostEE987654321IN13
International EMS Speed PostEE987654321XX13
Registered PostRX987654321IN13
Electronic Money Order(eMO)98765432198765432118
Express Parcel PostXX987654321XX13

Use the speed post tracking form for to know the consignment status of the package. If you’re facing any problem to get the tracking status, please contact the Indian post office official website.

About Speed Post

It is the trade name or brand name for a fast postal service provided by several postal companies around the world. This mail is the the market pioneer in the domestic express industry in providing shipment services for domestic and international services. It provides express delivery of packages from one place to another location. It has very fast rate with high secure. In the past 28 years, it express the business with monthly volumes of almost 4 crore articles and helping all the people.

It delivers the articles within 2 to 3 days. It conveys value for money to everybody and in anywhere. It provides reliable services at an affordable price. It is very cheaper service, when compared to other reputed courier service companies. And also it is cheap service in best quality.

  • It has a very wide network, we can book this courier in every postal department office across in India. So, by using this, you can easily send your package.
  • It has been linked up with the Universal Postal Union and EMS. India postal service provides EMS service across 99 foreign countries. It is economical and also faster. For EMS complaints please visit the gateway centers at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.
  • By using the international services the users can send packages to any part of the world. The service cost will be based on the desired destination. And the package will be sending in safe and secure.

Speed Post Features and Services

  • Insurance: India postal office insured to customers up to one lakh on valuable consignments based on the terms and conditions.
  • 24 hours booking available in selected offices of some major cities.
  • Using the India courier official website speed post tracking of a consignment can be traced, by using thirteen digit barcode.
  • SMS facility is also provided. To track status of the article sends SMS ‘POST TRACK <13 digit article number>’ to 166 or 51969. And also The department of postal service will send free SMS to the booked article mobile number, when the article is delivered or at the time of booking.
  • For bulk customers, they will collect at door step through on call or regular collection.
  • India postal provides discount for corporate customers under terms and conditions.
  • For E-commerce, cash on delivery is available.

Advantages of Speed Post

Speed Post has many advantages, when compared to ordinary post and others.

  • The package will be delivered within 2 to 3 days.
  • At the time of delivery signature of receiver is must.
  • Fast and reliable delivery.
  • If it is not delivered to the customer, then it will be returned to sender.
  • Delivered in safe and reliable.
  • Global network coverage.
  • High response attitude to customers.
  • For the loss or damage of domestic articles, India postal will be paid postal charges or INR 1000, whichever is less.
  • For the loss or damage of international articles, India courier will pay 30 SDR.

How to Send a Package via Speed Post

Everyone has follow the below steps to send the article.

  • First check the item weight, the postage will be calculated according to item weight.
  • Don’t put the prohibited items in the package.
  • Pack item in seal proof box. Put label on the box with destination address written or typed.
  • Visit the nearest postal office that provides courier service.
  • They will charge to the article and give you a speed post tracking number receipt.
  • Finally enter the consignment number in the official website, and track until package is reached.

Department of India Postal service is playing a crucial role in India, for over 150 years. It touches the heart of every Indian citizen in the way delivering mails, savings accounts and many others. As explained above it is one of the best features. It is reliable and fast. And it is cheap service with best quality. Using India post tracking feature, user can track the exact position of the article. Its services are not only in the cities and also in rural areas. Since 89.87% delivery offices are located in rural areas.

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